700apps is a story of success


700apps is a story of success

700apps started its journey  at 2012 it have been worked for 4 years till now ,in this four years 700apps faces a lot of challenges.

700apps has a professional, well-trained team, that following and using the latest technologies and tools to produce professional applications.

700apps first application was for kids called “Quran stories for kids”, in these 4 years it created about  200 Applications, and now it’s working on some new projects in different field such Islamic, medical, games, educational and more than that, because our vision is to be your best choice.

700apps worked with different clients like Samsung, Microsoft, blackberry, Diwan bookstore and also with various governments like zakat fund in UEA, Zawag and ministry of culture in Egypt.

700apps life very energetic, as it has fun-day every last Thursday of each month, it aims to give its employees positive energy and allow them to get rid of any negative energy, every month too it encourage its employees by named some of them as “employees of the month”.

700apps always welcomes fresh graduates even with little experience or without experience; as soon as you be one of this family you obtain the whole experience and meet new people who will be your friends in the future.

Also 700apps doesn’t forget to encourage the undergraduates by making internship for them in the field they want to know more about.

The soul of 700apps makes you love the place.


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