The top seven technology challenges facing organizations this coming year, from finding enough skilled staff to understanding how to exploit the rise of smart machines .

1.     Sharing economy

The Sharing Economy is a socioeconomic ecosystem built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations.

2.   Internet of Things (IoT)  the rise of smart machines

More affordable and powerful sensors are creating smarter devices that in turn will help create smarter cities.

Companies are embedding sensor technology into their products and creating a community. Information from the sensors gives the company information about their customers. They can then create a connection and a relationship beyond the sale.

The challenge for organizations will be to understand which smart devices to use, and how to exploit them.

3.   Mobility will continue to drive the digital business

The growth in the range of portable devices, including wearable technology, will challenge organizations to create a consistent customer experience across a range of mobile platforms, says Steve Lewis, general manager, Microsoft Devices, Australia and New Zealand.

This mobility will fuel digital transformation, but remember, mobile is not just another channel. Mobile generates new revenue, improves customer relationships, and reduces costs throughout all channels – and companies that don’t recognize this fact will fail, Forrester’s Anderson says.

“Businesses need to invest in transforming the customer experience, and accelerate digital businesses.

“Social media on mobile devices enables people to share information in real-time. The power is shifting from institutions to individuals.”

The challenge for organizations is to quickly develop and release new mobile applications to consumers, says Alister Dias, vice-president and managing director, EMC Australia. “This is crucial to competing effectively.”

4.   Data analytics

Big data, or the need to draw meaningful insights from multiple sources of data through analytics, has consumed a big part of companies’ 2014 priorities and will only increase as more and more sensors begin to collect and measure more data around the world.

One of the biggest challenges for 2015, will continue to be finding people with analytic skills who also have a deep vertical knowledge of their industry, says David Mellers, Intel’s enterprise solutions manager, ANZ.

Another challenge is to be able to analyze the data in real-time.

5.    Robots

With Telepresence robots tipped to become part of  the open plan office design and interest in robotics by companies like Google increasing, the challenge for organizations will be to not lose their human expertise, says Jordan Brandt, technology futurist at Autodesk.

6.   Privacy

Privacy and cyber security are the top technology challenges facing organizations, according to a report by IT auditors ISACA. Among the biggest difficulties, educating both customers and staff about how they can minimize the risk of security breaches.

7.    Beacons

As in real estate, location is everything for mobile technology applications, so it will be all about the beacon in 2015 – a small transmitter that lets mobile apps know when you are nearby.


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