Google is finally ready to launch Android Pay


Google is finally ready to launch Android Pay

The world has been waiting for Android Pay to arrive ever since Google announced it was part of Android Marshmallow at its I/O conference in May. We’ve had false alarms about the actual launch date before now, but the clock is ticking for Google — it’s rumored to be launching new Nexus devices and Android Marshmallow itself in the next few weeks, and Android Pay needs to be in place before then.

This weekend we’ve got a few new indications that Android Pay is indeed almost upon us, and September 16 looks to be the date to look out for: That’s the date mentioned in a leaked Verizon memo, though it’s worth remembering that release dates can always get pushed back. The launch is tied into the roll out of Google Play Services 8.1, which has already started appearing on some handsets.




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