Google Opens Project Fi to Everyone in U.S.


Google Opens Project Fi to Everyone in U.S.

Project Fi is the mobile phone service by Google that relies on Wi-Fi hotspots for connectivity, is now available to everyone without an invite. That is, of course, assuming you have a Nexus 6, 6P, or 5X smartphone. And you’ll still have to be a U.S. customer Relevant Products/Services to take advantage of the offering.

Google originally launched Project Fi in April, in collaboration with Sprint and T-Mobile. Instead of building out its own mobile infrastructure, Google is using the two carriers to provide cellular service to its customers.

The company is pushing two main selling points with Project Fi service: simple monthly billing and fast, flexible service. For example, the service switches between connecting through a Wi-Fi network or a cellular service, depending on which signal is stronger at the moment. According to Google, about 50 percent of Project Fi clients connect through Wi-Fi networks on a weekly basis.

Customers can also take their Project Fi phones with them while traveling overseas, and still pay the same price for data as if they were in the U.S. Cell coverage, meanwhile, costs 20 cents per minute while connecting through a mobile carrier and a variable rate when talking over a Wi-Fi connection, depending on the country.




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