Talking about 5G. Why should I care?


Talking about 5G. Why should I care?

5G aims to be 100 times faster than our current wireless technology and even speedier than what Google Fiber offers through a physical connection to the home.

The incredible speeds and responsiveness achieved with 5G open up new possibilities, and the technology had people buzzing at the Mobile World Congresstrade show in Barcelona, Spain.

“5G will take it to the next level,” said Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm’s chip business. “There will be “ubiquitous connectivity from all sorts of devices.”

Do be mindful of the hype surrounding 5G. The earliest mobile deployments likely won’t happen until 2018, with broader availability in the years after.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about what’s next. Here are a few things you’ll be able to do with 5G.




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