Digital Transformation Platforms

Digital Transformation Platforms

Become a powerful player in the business world and gain a technological edge with transformation platforms designed to boost your revenue and productivity.
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Digital Transformation Platforms Tailored To Your Business

What does a modern-day business need to compete? Even with a sound business model, you will still need to rival all the others out there through digital transformation and technological adaptation. And that is where we come in. 700Apps specializes in bringing people and processes together by leveraging Digital Transformation Platforms to increase collaboration and boost productivity, all according to your business’ unique operating model.

700Apps: Your Complex Business Digital Transformation Made Simple

A Digital Transformation Platform is a centralized system that supports your business in streamlining your digital processes and gives you a competitive edge by delivering value to your customers.

We use customizable, low code, cloud-based platforms that will integrate smoothly with your existing systems and optimize them from within. We will identify any gaps you may have in your current business operations, implement the platform that fits perfectly into your business model, and make sure it boosts your operational efficiency.

At 700Apps, we boast over 12 years of experience providing both small and larger businesses with business automation, software development, business process outsourcing, consulting services, and low code development services. With our customer-oriented development strategies, we will plan, build, deploy, and manage your Digital Transformation goals. This way, we will be able to help you optimize internal processes, enhance employee productivity, and deliver a top-of-the-line customer experience.

700Apps Your Complex Business Digital Transformation Made Simple

700Apps Digital Transformation Services

Streamline business process automation, build low code mobile apps or web apps, revamp your old enterprise legacy system, or securely integrate data from any resource you need. 700Apps provides a full range of low code development services, helping you drive automation, efficiency, and scale.
Enterprise Software Development Icon

Enterprise Software Development

We design, engineer, support, and maintain custom software that meets your unique business objectives. With every software we design, we put your business at the center and ensure that we design solutions that will suit your exact needs.

Business Process Outsourcing 1

Business Process Outsourcing

700Apps manages your technologically intensive business processes and manage its performance through reliable metrics. We help you reduces costs and improve the quality of your business operations and functions.

Consulting Services Icon

Consulting Services

Our consultants and software developers offer their expert insights into how your business can best transition to Digital Transformation and stay with you very step of the way from analysis and strategy to improvements.

Low Code Development 1

Low Code Development

700Apps is recognized for its unparalleled low code development capabilities. From software development to business process automation, and more, 700Apps empowers you to leverage the industry’s cutting-edge platforms to achieve your business development and transformation faster and more efficiently than ever.

Complete Business Process Automation 1

Complete Business Process Automation

With our efficient Digital Transformation Platforms, we analyze your business and find the best platforms and software to automate your business processes, boost your employee productivity and operational performance, and increase revenues.

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Why 700Apps?

Expertise in Complete Business Process Automation 1

Expertise in Complete Business Process Automation

700Apps is a CMMI Certified digital transformation consulting agency with software engineers and project managers that are highly trained to meet your needs and standards. We automate complex business processes and support extensive Business to Technology Integrations.

End to End Digital Transformation Services 1

End-to-End Digital Transformation Services

700Apps offers support and expertise from start to finish and manages the digital transformation process from the analyses to application development and deployment, testing, and maintenance services.

Niche Products and Technologies Icon

Niche Products and Technologies

We expertly leverage industry-standard tools and technologies to help you go digital with
confidence, Our Pega, and Software AG technologies allow for a cost-effective and efficient implementation of business process management applications.

Local Experts Icon

Local Experts

700 Apps offers local expertise within the MENA region, India, and Europe. Specialized consultants, software developers, engineers, and analysts, will be selected to help your business reach its true potential in the most efficient manner possible.

Client-Oriented Approach Icon

Client-Oriented Approach

700Apps’ strategy always starts with your business and the people that make it unique. Through our high-end technology and business transformation services, we implement automation and digital strategies that fit your operational model perfectly.

Digital Transformation Leaders 1

Digital Transformation Leaders

We possess over a decade of experience in transforming businesses to meet their goals. As a specialized digital consulting service provider, 700Apps always finds ways to streamline your internal processes and innovate your business strategies to meet the demands of the digital world.

Our Technology


Appian Platform

Appian is a top-of-the-line low-code development platform that supports data unification, case management, and process automation. We offer you the benefits of its complex workflows by establishing seamless integrations with your system.


Pega Platform

The Pega Business Process Management (BPM) platform offers impressive project management features and advanced application development. This advanced platform fits our agile development strategies perfectly and can help take your business to the next level.

Software AG logo

Software AG

No other software will help your business to become smarter and faster! Our team of software developers and engineers guide you in the implementation of Software AG into your business ecosystem where you can benefit from powerful BPM features such as enterprise architecture management and advanced application development.

Our Digital Transformation Process

  • 1

    First, we analyze your existing technologies and processes as well as your digital maturity, identifying opportunities and challenges that may hold back your business transformation.

  • 2

    We then design a strategy and a roadmap according to your unique business operating model and goals.

  • 3

    We implement your business transformation strategy and integrate the right technologies and platforms that blend perfectly with your existing systems.

  • 4

    We measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the transformation. And using the performance analysis, we offer our continual support to further improve your processes.

Why Are Our Digital Transformation Platforms The Best?

  • User-Friendly, Low Code Platforms

    Our Digital Transformation Platforms need little to no code to support you in your business automation needs. The responsive drag and drop model eliminates all complex coding and yields faster results. Since digital transformation requires a lot of testing and adaptations, we leverage platforms that are easily deployed and effortlessly integrate with your existing applications and systems.

  • Agile Software Development

    At 700Apps, we commit to the agile software development system and hold continuous improvement in the highest esteem. Agile Development enables a high level of collaboration that yields quality solutions and speedy implementations, while also predicting certain business outcomes so that affirmative actions can be taken. This means that all of our adaptations and updates can be integrated smoothly and quickly, as needed.

Why Are Our Digital Transformation Platforms The Best

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question 6

What is a Digital Transformation Platform?

A platform for digital transformation is a computing platform used to optimize business processes and support digital transformation in business. Ideally, they are cloud-based, low-code, mobile responsive, and agile.

How do digital experience platforms work hand-in-hand with digital transformation?

In order to implement an optimal digital transformation strategy, you will need the best digital platforms to guide the process. It is important that the tools are tailored to the existing business systems and that optimal integrations with a company’s applications are supported. This way, the technologies can most effectively boost revenue and productivity.

What does digital transformation mean for business?

Adapting your business to perform optimally using specialized platforms will significantly increase your productivity, boost customer satisfaction, and allow your employees to be more efficient and engaged. That being said, this can only be achieved if you partner up with a company that can provide specialized platforms to automate processes, but also harness these platforms to implement custom, people-centered digital transformation strategies for your business.

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We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you make the most of your technology investments to drive competitive advantage.

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