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700Apps provides unparalleled digital transformation and technology support to a broad range of industries, covering different types of public and private-sector organizations and government entities.
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The Right Support for Your Industry

700Apps boasts a decade of experience providing full-scale digital transformation services, completely customized to your objectives and the unique standards and demands of your industry or business sector. Whether you need to revamp your outdated systems, optimize your business processes, or need a robust software solution; whether you operate in the healthcare, finance, manufacturing, or any other sector, 700Apps delivers the right support for your business to reach its full potential and put your business on your industry map.

700Apps: Industry-Specific Technology Solutions, Designed for You

Today, industries are evolving and harnessing technology to drive innovation and transformation. And businesses are racing to keep pace with the new realities of this tech-driven landscape. But, while technology investments are critical for every business, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to go about it.
No two industries are impacted by technology the same way. And no two businesses are built the same.
At 700Apps, we believe your business and industry needs and challenges are unique. That’s why we are committed to providing solutions that are designed and built specifically for you. We put your needs and challenges first. We leverage our technology and expertise to build and deploy solutions that are perfectly tailored to work for you. We shape our support and capabilities to execute your technology vision in a way that reinvents your business and reimagines your role in the industry. However, what remains consistent across different businesses, industries, and solutions is our world-class quality, efficiency and speed.
700Apps Industry Specific Technology Solutions Designed for You

Our Industries

We offer expert digital transformation services that meet industry standards and specific needs.
Government Public Sector

Government & Public Sector

Use our technological expertise to power your government-led digital initiatives and citizen-centric digital services.



We help you develop connected healthcare ecosystems to boost your patient satisfaction.

Enterprise Icon


Get digital transformation services on a large scale and revamp your entire business ecosystem.



Provide your customers with individualized options and an easy process through technological innovation.



Let us help you build secure and integrated technology solutions and provide optimized financial services.

Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

With our digital transformation expertise, you can provide customized and user-friendly services to your clients.

Manufacturing & Industrial Products Icon

Manufacturing & Industrial Products

Leverage top-of-the-line technologies to automate and streamline a highly efficient manufacturing process.



We support you in the development of innovative and accessible educational platforms.

Distribution Icon

Distribution – Wholesale

Benefit from technology-driven work environments to boost your efficiency, communication, and delivery times.

Banking Capital Markets

Banking & Capital Markets

We use our technological expertise to help you provide transparent, secure, and swift services to your clients.



Leverage smart and customized technologies to provide timely and reliable communications.

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Technology Prowess Meets Industry Expertise

Technology Prowess Meets Industry Expertise

700Apps offers a unique blend of its technology prowess and industry expertise. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in developing complex technology-based solutions and digital transformation strategies and implementing the most advanced and sophisticated technology tools and platforms. What’s even, we do that appropriately in a way that fits your business ecosystem and business model and within the context of your industry.
With over a decade of experience managing different projects across different industries, 700Apps have gained deep tech industry expertise. We have a huge network of professionals who draw on their experience and skills across various industries to deliver expert, sector-aligned services. Whatever your industry is, we know the difference; we know how to navigate its intricacies; and we deliver to the highest standards of quality, performance, compliance, and security.

Our Technology


Appian Platform

From low code development and intelligent automation to case management and more, the comprehensive Appian BPM suite is exactly what your business needs. 700Apps is well-equipped to adapt Appian workflows and advanced capabilities to your business. We also align Appian software with your infrastructure and ensure smooth integration within your enterprise systems.


Pega Platform

700Apps provides Pega business process management and app development services. Developed by Pegasystems, the Pega BPM tool is the most advanced in the industry. With our unique and deep expertise in the platform, we help you make the most of its flexibility and agility to accelerate your software development lifecycle and application management.

Software AG logo

Software AG

700Apps offers its expert assistance to empower your enterprise to upgrade its digital ecosystem with the powerful Software AG. Our expert developers, trained professionals, and consultants draw on their specialized experience, helping you leverage the high-end Software AG technology features to scale your business faster and smarter than ever before.


Java Technology

Java is a commonly used programming language and a software platform that allows for dynamic web and app software development across almost all devices. With 700Apps experts on your side, you’ll be able to harness Java interoperability, scalability and security features for your business agility and digital transformation.


Microsoft Technologies

At 700Apps, we leverage the accessibility and flexibility of the Microsoft Platform to build effective applications. It allows for easy data integrations and supports an optimal app-building environment. 700Apps uses a wide variety of Microsoft technologies such as Power Platform, .NET, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365.

open source

Open Source Technologies

At 700Apps, we take advantage of the benefits of open source as a system that supports open communication and nurtures an agile development method. We use Open Source Technologies to boost the program’s performance, fix issues and errors, and add features.

Our Digital Transformation Services

We develop strategies that support your digital transformation efforts and help you get the most out of technological innovation.
Enterprise Software Development Icon

Enterprise Software Development

We design, engineer, support, and maintain custom software that meets your unique business objectives. With every software we design, we put your business at the center and ensure that we design solutions that will suit your exact needs.

Business Process Outsourcing 1

Business Process Outsourcing

700Apps offers expert outsourcing support to manage your technologically intensive business processes and performance. Our business process outsourcing services give you access to skilled teams and high-end technologies to drive your business innovation.

Consulting Services Icon

Consulting Services

Our consultants and software developers offer their expert insights into how your business can best transition to digital transformation and guide you every step of the way from analysis and strategy to deployment and maintenance.

Low Code Development 1

Low Code Development

700Apps is recognized for its unparalleled low code development capabilities. From software development to business process automation, and more, 700Apps empowers you to leverage the industry’s cutting-edge platforms to achieve your business development and transformation faster and more efficiently than ever.

Business Process Management and Automation

Complete Business Process Automation

With our efficient digital transformation platforms, we analyze your business and find the best platforms and software to automate your business processes, boost your employee productivity and operational performance, and increase revenues.

Our Clients

We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you make the most of your technology investments to drive competitive advantage.

Commit to digital transformation and free up your time to spend it where it matters, your customers!

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700Apps boasts over a decade of experience in targeted digital transformation services to give businesses a competitive edge.

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