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Business process outsourcing BPO is a service where you can get an external business process outsourcing services provider to handle your workflows and administrative tasks to maximize your operational efficiency, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. And with 700Apps outsourced business process services and IT teams having your back, you’ll get this and more. From supply chains, Information Technology (IT) management, and logistics to human resources, customer services, and more, 700Apps provides reliable outsourcing support that integrates expert teams and innovative technological solutions within your business processes and core functions to navigate your business and industry challenges.
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Business Process Outsourcing Services:
Streamlined Operations for A Future-Ready Business

Will implementing new technologies help you establish your business in the digital age? Certainly, but only when they are tailored to your business and the people who are at the heart of it. That is why we, at 700Apps, make it our mission to analyze your business based on its operation model, processes, culture, and organizational structure to then provide data-driven insights into how digital technologies can benefit you. Through this holistic approach, our Digital Transformation Consulting Services assist companies to improve their customer experience, increase their productivity, and maximize their operational agility

700Apps: Your Business Process Outsourcing Services Provider Of Your Choice

Forget traditional operations and outdated business systems. 700Apps business process services reinvent your standard business functions, unleashing your potential and unlocking new possibilities for a future-ready business. Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, and more, we are equipped to provide dynamic business process services, where our teams are skilled and trained to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into your business model.
With an expert, dedicated team and robust business process management capabilities, we study your business processes, identify your infrastructure maturity, and use measurable performance metrics to optimize and maximize your processes and ensure intelligent smooth workflows. For a decade, we’ve been cooperating with businesses and government organizations supporting them in achieving their business agility goals with accuracy, efficiency, speed, and maximum confidentiality - as well as minimum disruption.
700Apps Your Business Process Outsourcing Services Provider Of Your Choice

Our Business Process Outsourcing Services

700Apps brings you the strategic balance between high-end, enterprise-grade technologies and human expertise to offer you the right business process outsourcing solutions. Let 700Apps get your work done so you can focus on what’s truly important.
Managed Services

Managed Services

700Apps provides full IT managed services for all businesses across industries. From building your IT infrastructure from the ground up and developing full-scale software systems and applications to providing disaster recovery, backup, and cloud services, 700Apps we put our specialists in charge to manage your IT tasks and operations, no matter how complex it gets.

Nearshore Services

Nearshore Services

700Apps offers nearshore services globally in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and India for more than 19 years now. We speak your language, understand your market needs, and handle all your outsourced services exactly according to your operation plan and standards.

Manpower Outsourcing Icon

Manpower Outsourcing

We provide you with a top skilled workforce including certified IT experts, developers, designers, engineers, and consultants. Their qualifications match your requirements and they are well-trained by 700Apps to handle your business and technology needs and deliver professional services at the highest standards.

Focus On Core Business Operations, Outsource All Types Of IT Intensive Business Processes With 700Apps

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A BPO Company?

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

When you outsource your services, you’ll be making substantial savings in cost reduction. You won’t need to make major investments in your infrastructure, IT and software services, or personnel. A professional BPO company, like 700Apps, equips you with a specialized external team that uses advanced technologies, offering a far more cost-effective solution than hiring a full-time, in-house team.

Dedicated Teams Icon

Dedicated Teams

On outsourcing, you get access to a top-notch skilled team. And with a league of experts joining forces, your business achieves higher levels of productivity. You can also rest assured that those experts are assigned only and dedicated entirely to your projects.

Efficiency and High Quality

Efficiency and High Quality

Business process outsourcing companies, like 700Apps, have the required experience, tech-stack, and trained staff to handle complex operations with confidence and ease. And when you have the right people and technology on board, you ensure maximum efficiency with lesser errors and delays.



Partnering up with a professional BPO company that supports you with dedicated to revamping your IT and business infrastructure and maximizing its capacity to scale up.

Our Process

  • 1
    Defining Needs

    We start by identifying your outsourcing needs, services requirements, and team qualifications.

  • 2

    We assemble the right teams with the most fitting qualifications for the job, and you give your final approval for the team to start working.

  • 3
    On-going Support

    We monitor the teams' performance and provide support and guidance along the way.

700Apps For Business Process Outsourcing

700Apps offers you access to professional skilled teams with flexible team size and capacity, totally dedicated to your projects, and located wherever you need them. Our business process outsourcing services are powered by AI and cloud-enabled technologies to optimize and maximize your business operations and workflows across industries and sectors. We guarantee efficiency, security, compliance, and minimal disruption to drive your business’ innovation and agility. Get started with 700Apps and see it in action.
700Apps For Business Process Outsourcing

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We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you make the most of your technology investments to drive competitive advantage.

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