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Take your business to the next level by automating business processes. We use the latest and best BPA software to vastly increase productivity, lower costs, and boost ROI.
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Business Process Automation:
Achieve More With Automated Processes

Are you daunted by the number and wide range of tasks your team juggles and consequently wasting valuable resources on repeatable processes? Sadly, complex and lengthy business processes are often costly and time-consuming. But they don’t need to be! 700Apps offers scalable Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions that will accelerate your workflow by leveraging advanced technologies. We automate complex business processes and make them cost-efficient, streamlined, and transparent.

How Does 700Apps Support Automation For Your Company?

Businesses are powered by people. And the evolution toward a client-first business model means that we need to devote more time to our customers. That is why 700Apps implements Business Automation Solutions for small businesses and larger enterprises alike, so that time and resources spent on repetitive tasks can be allocated elsewhere.
We understand that every company is different, so we always start by looking at your business and evaluating your exact needs. Our ultimate goal is to leverage advanced business process automation software to streamline business processes such as contract management, purchase orders, payrolls, onboarding processes, invoicing, data aggregation and migration, and more.
In doing so
How Does 700Apps Support Automation For Your Company

Steps that 700Apps Support Automation For Your Company is the following:

    • Achieve digital workflow automation and streamline business processes to get predictive, automated processes and speed up your operations

    • Reduce costs and limit the use of the workforce on tasks that require little to no human touch.

    • Gain access to data for optimal business insights.

    • Boost customer service with standardization so you can easily meet the ever more demanding client expectations

    • Monitor and track all of the processes, which will increase visibility and accountability. 

Our Business Process Automation Services

Streamline business process automation, build low code mobile apps or web apps, revamp your old enterprise legacy system, or securely integrate data from any resource you need. 700Apps provides a full range of low code development services, helping you drive automation, efficiency, and scale.
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Process Re-Engineering

700Apps provides specialized Business Process Re-Engineering that redesigns business processes to boost their efficiency and quality. The goal is to eliminate redundancies and cut costs on a large scale.

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Process Modeling

With our Process Modeling service, 700Apps visualizes all the steps of your workflow for a complete overview of all the tasks involved in the business environment.

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Pega Business Process Automation

We use Pega BPA to streamline your workflow and boost business agility. Pega BPA effectively automates and unifies end-to-end processes through a highly intuitive low-code platform.

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Appian Business Process Automation

With Appian BPA, we accelerate your business through designing and automating vital processes. 700Apps experts efficiently fit Appian’s low-code platform capabilities to your enterprise architecture.

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Why 700Apps?

Expertise in Complete Business Process Automation Icon

Complete Business Process Automation

700Apps is a CMMI Certified digital transformation consulting agency with software engineers and project managers that are highly trained to meet your needs and standards as we automate complex business processes

End to End Digital Transformation Services

End-to-End Digital Transformation Services

700Apps offers support and expertise from start to finish and manages the digital transformation process from the analyses to application development and deployment, testing, and maintenance services.

Niche Products and Technologies Icon

Niche Products and Technologies

We expertly leverage industry-standard tools and technologies to help you go digital with confidence, Our Pega, and Software AG technologies allow for a cost-effective and efficient implementation of business process management applications.

Local Experts

Local Experts

700 Apps offers local expertise within the MENA region, India, and Europe. Specialized consultants, software developers, engineers, and analysts, will be selected to help your business reach its true potential in the most efficient manner possible.

Client Oriented Approach

Client-Oriented Approach

700Apps’ strategy always starts with your business and the people that make it unique. Through our high-end technology and business transformation services, we implement automation and digital strategies that fit your operational model perfectly.

Digital Transformation Leaders

Digital Transformation Leaders

We possess over a decade of experience in transforming businesses to meet their goals. As a specialized digital consulting service provider, 700Apps always finds ways to streamline your internal processes and innovate your business strategies to meet the demands of the digital world.

Our Technology


Appian Platform

Business Process Automation has never been easier with Appian. 700Apps uses this low-code development platform for its highly complex process automation, as well as case management and data unification.


Pega Platform

700Apps uses Pega’s low-code platform to automate and unify your consumer journeys and business processes from end to end. With this expert platform, you will obtain a single view of your entire workflow process and obtain valuable data and insights along the way.

Our Business Process Automation Process

  • 1

    We analyze your business process workflow as well as identify and assess your business’ specific needs for Business Process Automation and redesigning.

  • 2

    We select the right technologies that will best suit your needs and design an agile process that supports the implementation of your unique requirements.

  • 3

    In this stage, we will deploy your custom automated solutions and ensure they blend perfectly with your existing systems and work seamlessly.

  • 4

    We integrate AI features to offer business analytics and include self-healing processes. This way, the process can be optimized and future challenges can be anticipated.

  • 5

    We will consistently optimize the Business Process Automation solutions so that your business can keep up and further develop according to yours and the industry’s standards.

Frequently Asked Question

Is business process automation BPA the same as robotic process automation RPA

Is business process automation (BPA) the same as robotic process automation (RPA)?

RPA involves the automation of individual tasks and repetitive actions can be mimicked. BPA analyzes an entire business process and finds ways to effectively automate it from start to finish. Both processes are vital to quality digital transformation and can both be used to sculpt the perfect workflow. 

What is business process automation (BPA)?

Business process automation (BPA) uses advanced software to automate repeatable tasks. That can help a business become more time – and cost-efficient, and streamline its workflows. BPA can be connected to multiple enterprise IT systems and can be customized to a company’s needs.

Why do I need business process automation?

BPA will standardize processes and increase productivity by automating business processes. This will save time and money and make your business more competitive. At the same time, BPA improves compliance so you can avoid penalties by following regulations to the letter.

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