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We analyze your business structures, processes, and technological infrastructure to develop a strategy and help you make the right technology decisions, powering your digital transformation efforts.
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Digital Transformation Consulting:
Technological Solutions that Support Your Business Model

Will implementing new technologies help you establish your business in the digital age? Certainly, but only when they are tailored to your business and the people who are at the heart of it. That is why we, at 700Apps, make it our mission to analyze your business based on its operation model, processes, culture, and organizational structure to then provide data-driven insights into how digital technologies can benefit you. Through this holistic approach, our Digital Transformation Consulting Services assist companies to improve their customer experience, increase their productivity, and maximize their operational agility.

How Does 700Apps Add Value To Your Business?

Since 2012, 700Apps has been helping businesses make the fundamental shift to digital transformation. Whether you’re a governmental organization, belong to the private sector, or run a startup, we help you gain that competitive edge by introducing ways for you to run your business more effectively and efficiently.
Through our Digital Transformation Consulting Services, we define and analyze your challenges on an operational, structural, and cultural level, and offer actionable solutions tailored to your business.
How Does 700Apps Add Value To Your Business
What 700Apps offers to grow your business

What 700Apps offers to grow your business ?

700Apps offer actionable solutions tailored to your business. More specifically we offer the following:
    • Our transformation consulting services can support you in setting up a strategy that will allow you to leverage data in a way that gets you results.

    • Our digital transformation consultants will analyze how to boost customer experiences, especially in terms of communication and client support.

    • Our business automation expertise enables us to gain insight into how to improve your efficiency and profitability by streamlining internal processes and revamping your technological infrastructure.

    • Our digital transformation strategy consulting includes analyzing how your business can implement Continuous Improvement (CI) strategies and improve your speed-to-market.

Our Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Technology Consulting Icon

Technology Consulting

We offer specialized Pega Consulting and Software AG Consulting to help you achieve a fully optimized business model. At 700Apps, we offer smooth integrations between the tools and your system and optimize processes to fit your needs.

Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting

At 700Apps, we analyze your business processes and leverage high-end automation solutions to minimize errors, boost productivity, and ensure optimal performance across teams. We develop your business strategy, making it the starting point, and offer you ways to efficiently meet your goals.

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What our digital services we can do for you and our offerings ?
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Why 700Apps?

Expertise in Complete Business Process Automation Icon

Complete Business Process Automation

700Apps is a CMMI Certified digital transformation consulting agency with software engineers and project managers that are highly trained to meet your needs and standards as we automate complex business processes

End to End Digital Transformation Services

End-to-End Digital Transformation Services

700Apps offers support and expertise from start to finish and manages the digital transformation process from the analyses to application development and deployment, testing, and maintenance services.

Niche Products and Technologies Icon

Niche Products and Technologies

We expertly leverage industry-standard tools and technologies to help you go digital with confidence, Our Pega, and Software AG technologies allow for a cost-effective and efficient implementation of business process management applications.

Local Experts

Local Experts

700 Apps offers local expertise within the MENA region, India, and Europe. Specialized consultants, software developers, engineers, and analysts, will be selected to help your business reach its true potential in the most efficient manner possible.

Client Oriented Approach

Client-Oriented Approach

700Apps’ strategy always starts with your business and the people that make it unique. Through our high-end technology and business transformation services, we implement automation and digital strategies that fit your operational model perfectly.

Digital Transformation Leaders

Digital Transformation Leaders

We possess over a decade of experience in transforming businesses to meet their goals. As a specialized digital consulting service provider, 700Apps always finds ways to streamline your internal processes and innovate your business strategies to meet the demands of the digital world.

Our Technology


Pega Platform

The Pega Business Process Management (BPM) is a highly advanced development platform with advanced application development and management features. 700Apps uses its expertise in the Pega platform to support your business with agile software development strategies.

Software AG logo

Software AG

700Apps has a team of expert software developers and consultants who support you in leveraging Software AG to upgrade your company infrastructure from within. This powerful digital business platform streamlines BPM with real-time analytics, high-end application development, and enterprise architecture management.

How 700Apps Guarantees In-depth Digital Transformation Consulting ?

We possess the technical know-how to evaluate your existing technology and support you in making a transition to modern technological integrations and organizational workflows. To deliver the best services, 700Apps obtained the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Certificate that confirms we are a digital transformation consulting provider that can develop top quality applications within a strict time frame and at the lowest possible rate.

Our digital transformation consultancy services offer a deep analysis of your company’s business operations and processes, assessing how your company can improve productivity, streamline workflows, minimize errors and focus on data collection throughout the entire process. We then introduce BPA strategies that align with the insights of the analysis and your objectives as well as achieve maximum efficiency and scalability.

How 700Apps Guarantees In depth Digital Transformation Consulting
Our Digital Transformation fit your companys culture

Our Digital Transformation fit your company's culture

we understand that your people are at the heart of your business, so we make sure your optimized business model includes them. Our digital transformation consultancy services are designed to fit your company’s culture. We support you in understanding the technological changes and making them smoothly transition into your culture by suggesting behavioral modifications so you will achieve optimal results and boost your ROI.

Our Digital Transformation Consulting Process

  • 1

    We analyze your existing structures, processes, and technologies and identify the challenges that prevent your business from being productive, competitive, and client-oriented.

  • 2

    Once we have identified the challenges, we design a strategy that will implement digital technologies in a way that strengthens your business objectives.

  • 3

    Our digital transformation consultants will analyze your workflow and track performance throughout to optimize the process and identify roadblocks.

  • 4

    Once our analysis is complete, we will provide practical steps for improvement and support you in the implementation process.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question 2

What Is Digital Transformation Consulting?

Digital Transformation Consulting supports companies during their shift to digital technology implementation. First, business processes are analyzed, and then recommendations and suggestions are made for the company to transform existing processes and tools to increase productivity. You can best pursue digital transformation by consulting an agency with expertise in Digital Transformation as well as your industry and business type.

How Do Consultants Help Enterprises with Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation Consultants are in charge of analyzing an existing business model and developing a digital technology strategy that works for the company. Digital transformation consultant skills include developing improvement strategies, offering technological and business consulting services, and providing ways to boost customer experience.

What are the main areas of digital transformation?

  • Process Transformation focuses on reinventing business processes with digital technologies to boost productivity and lower costs.
  • Business Model Transformation ensures that a business implements technology solutions to offer real value within its industry and prioritizes customer experience.
  • Cultural Transformation looks more closely at the internal workings of a business and makes sure the team leverages the new technologies efficiently.

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We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you make the most of your technology investments to drive competitive advantage.

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