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700Apps full-cycle enterprise software development services help you streamline your business-wide processes and ensure optimal system connectivity and efficiency.
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Custom Enterprise Software Development To Empower Your Business Transformation

These days, meeting your full business potential includes integrating the latest technologies and becoming a digital powerhouse. That is why at 700Apps, we offer large-scale, end-to-end enterprise software development services from software product development and modernization, to software integration, testing, and maintenance.
We start each project with a close look at the scale of your business, mapping your current technology capabilities and identifying your technology challenges and objectives. Our teams then develop custom enterprise software solutions that are scalable and robust to fully and effectively integrate and optimize your organization’s ecosystem.
Software Development Services Experience

700Apps Software Development Services Experience

Since 2012, we have been providing cutting-edge, customized software enterprise solutions for local and global enterprises across industries helping them compete in the digital age. With such experience, we understand that enterprise software development services require a solid, multi-disciplinary approach. That’s why we are equipped with a huge team of experts with different skillsets, industry-leading technology, and agile methodologies to provide a wide range of solutions including software development, business intelligence, business process

Our Enterprise Software Development Services

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Antiquated software can compromise your productivity in a fast-paced business landscape. We have over a decade of experience in the development of Custom Relationship Management (CRM) Development, Content Management System (CMS) Development, and custom apps that support your long-term business goals.

Legacy Application Modernization Icon

Legacy Application Modernization

Get high-quality web and mobile app development services that help you streamline your software infrastructure and compete on a global scale. We possess expertise in technologies such as HTML, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Web 2.0, OSCommerce, and Magento, to deliver tailor-made web applications and mobile solutions for your business.

Enterprise Application Development

Software Product Development

Our approach to Software Product Development is built on a flexible and scalable architecture that can adapt to any technology with ease. We plan a tight strategy that is designed to produce a fully optimized software product that meets your objectives.

Software Development Consulting

Software Development Consulting

Do you need guidance in developing software for your business? We offer specialized consulting services customized to your business goals and the industry demands and help you find the right technologies and tools that will help your company thrive.

Enterprise System Integration

System Integration

We create a system where every application, sub-system, and program, works seamlessly together like a well-oiled engine, In doing so, you boost your efficiency and maintain seamless cooperation between teams.

Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprises Mobility Services

In order to boost productivity and engagement, your employees should use mobile devices. But they should do so securely! We offer high-quality mobility services that secure the corporate data on the employees' mobile devices.

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Why 700Apps?

Expertise in Complete Business Process Automation Icon

Expertise in Complete Business Process Automation

700Apps is a CMMI Certified digital transformation consulting agency with software engineers and project managers that are highly trained to meet your needs and standards as we automate complex business processes

End to End Digital Transformation Services

End-to-End Digital Transformation Services

700Apps offers support and expertise from start to finish and manages the digital transformation process from the analyses to application development and deployment, testing, and maintenance services.

Niche Products and Technologies Icon

Niche Products and Technologies

We expertly leverage industry-standard tools and technologies to help you go digital with confidence, Our Pega, and Software AG technologies allow for a cost-effective and efficient implementation of business process management applications.

Local Experts

Local Experts

700 Apps offers local expertise within the MENA region, India, and Europe. Specialized consultants, software developers, engineers, and analysts, will be selected to help your business reach its true potential in the most efficient manner possible.

Client Oriented Approach

Client-Oriented Approach

700Apps’ strategy always starts with your business and the people that make it unique. Through our high-end technology and business transformation services, we implement automation and digital strategies that fit your operational model perfectly.

Digital Transformation Leaders

Digital Transformation Leaders

We possess over a decade of experience in transforming businesses to meet their goals. As a specialized digital consulting service provider, 700Apps always finds ways to streamline your internal processes and innovate your business strategies to meet the demands of the digital world.

Our Technology


Pega Platform

The Pega Business Process Management (BPM) platform offers impressive project management features and advanced application development. This advanced platform fits our agile development strategies perfectly and can help take your business to the next level.

Software AG logo

Software AG

No other software will help your business to become smarter and faster! Our team of software developers and engineers guide you in the implementation of Software AG into your business ecosystem where you can benefit from powerful BPM features such as enterprise architecture management and advanced application development.


Java Technology

Java is a commonly used web development language that allows for dynamic web page creation. With its multi-threading ability, one of the biggest perks is that Java can support multiple users. Our experts are experienced in front-end and back-end JavaScript programming.


Microsoft Technologies

At 700Apps, we leverage the accessibility and flexibility of the Microsoft Platform to build effective applications. It allows for easy data integrations and supports an optimal app-building environment. We leverage a wide variety of Microsoft technologies such as Power Platform, .NET, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365.

open source

Open Source Technologies

At 700Apps, we take advantage of the benefits of open source as a system that supports open communication and nurtures an agile development method. We use Open Source Technologies to boost the program’s performance, fix issues and errors, and add features.

Why Choose Us for Your Enterprise Software Development Solutions?

  • Agile Development Methodology

    At 700Apps, we follow a data-driven, Agile Development Process. We build our methodology on collaboration and continuously seek ways to improve your product as well as our processes. How does this help us provide better Enterprise Software Development Services? It means that we can easily adapt to the dynamics of software development, and commit to offering you a product that remains time-and cost-effective.

  • Software Development Expertise 

    700Apps is in proud possession of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Certificate, which confirms we are an Enterprise Software Development Company that can support you in the implementation of scalable and optimized technologies at a competitive rate and within your timeline.

    We approach every development project with fresh eyes. In our mission to provide an enterprise system that will meet your unique business expectations, we rely on industry-leading software developers and engineers with a knack for developing technologies that are about your company and your team, not just the tool’s capabilities.

Future Proof Enterprise Software Development Solutions Powered by 700Apps Expertise and Agility

Our Industries

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Distribution – Wholesale

Banking Capital Markets

Banking & Capital Markets

Design develop and deploy enterprise software development

Future-Proof Enterprise Software Development Solutions, Powered by 700Apps Expertise and Agility

  • Commitment To Technical Innovation

    We understand that software development is a dynamic business, and so we make it our goal to offer the most up-to-date solutions and integrated security measures along the way. Beyond the above-mentioned technologies, we possess expertise in emerging technologies for Enterprise Software Development including IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Augmented Reality (AR).

  • Customized Architectural Design

    The UI and UX matter in successful enterprise software development, but your product will also need a robust architecture that can boost your ROI. We make sure that short-term productivity, as well as long-term ambitions, are respected during the development process.

  • Top Quality Customer Experience And Employee Engagement

    We believe that happy employees are productive employees. That is why at 700Apps, we ensure that your employees can navigate our software solution with agility and connect with each other easily. Not only will this increase employee engagement and satisfaction, but it will also significantly boost your productivity.

Our Digital Transformation Consulting Process

  • 1

    We get to know your goals and needs and collect vital information to facilitate the enterprise software development process.

  • 2

    We prepare the documents and systems according to your requirements. This step helps us to define the tech stack and system architecture.

  • 3

    After the analysis, we document and define the software requirements.

  • 4

    Our team of expert developers develops the system according to the selected strategies, methodologies, and programming languages.

  • 5

    We evaluate the quality of the software that we have created. We will identify any bugs and fix them.

  • 6

    After we are done with designing, developing, and testing, we release the final software, and we check issues with the deployment if any.

  • 7

    If you encounter any challenges with the software we have provided, we are always here to offer customer support.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question 7

What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise Software Development is a multi-disciplinary technological solution that supports businesses in improving their workflows, communication, and processes, as well as the company’s software ecosystem. These solutions are always tailored to the company’s needs and ensure that all tools and technologies work together seamlessly within the company’s system. 

How is enterprise software development changing?

Software development is a very dynamic industry that is always changing. While software developed for the enterprise used to involve heavy coding and the implementation of tools, the need for scalability, cost-effectiveness, and the integration of apps have revolutionized Enterprise Software Development to become a far more client-oriented service and less product-oriented.

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