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We make inefficient business processes a thing of the past by providing full-scale Pega-powered BPM services that turn your business into an agile, well-oiled machine.
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Get Agile Workflows and Processes With Pega Business Process Management (BPM)

To compete in today’s market, you want your processes and workflows to follow an agile methodology and make your day-to-day operations a breeze. In other words, you want your organization to run with operational intelligence. But since traditional practices won’t cut it, this is where Page Business Process Management (PBM) can really make a difference. With its ability to streamline and automate workflows, support fast app building, and optimize customer interactions, Pega Business Process Management (PBM) significantly boosts your performance, efficiency, and agility.

700Apps Uses Pega Business Process Management (BPM)
To Boost Visibility, Efficiency, And Agility

With a decade of experience in full-scale digital transformation and Pega Business Process Management and Automation, 700Apps know that outdated processes and inefficient operations hold businesses like yours back. That is why we develop potent strategies that integrate Pega BPM seamlessly into your ecosystems and make perfect use of Pega BPM’s sophisticated features in dynamic case management, impactful application development, and high-security development.

Leveraging Pega BPM, 700Apps introduces agility and dynamics into the mix. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer for your business process management:

    • Develop enterprise-ready applications through simplified integration and deployment with Pega’s Zero-Disruption Architecture and Live Data.

    • With Pega BPM capabilities, processes are streamlined and automated to meet your industry’s and business challenges.

    • Capture your business objectives through intuitive design-once, deploy-anywhere capabilities that streamline the UI across channels, Case Lifecycle Management, and big data management to improve integrations in real-time.

700Apps Uses Pega Business Process Management BPM To Boost Visibility Efficiency And Agility

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We develop strategies that support your digital transformation efforts and help you get the most out of technological innovation.

We make it our mission to banish all outdated processes and create agile business operations.

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Why 700Apps?



700Apps has over a decade of experience, providing world-class digital transformation solutions and digital consulting services. Working with hundreds of clients and on thousands of projects over the years has helped us gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to innovate, support, and lead.

Global Quality Standards

Global Quality Standards

At 700Apps, our digital transformation services are designed to the highest standards of quality, performance, compliance, and security, across solutions, industries, and technologies. Thanks to the expertise of our people and robust QA and testing, we never compromise on our quality.

Full Cycle Services

Full Cycle Services

700Apps provides you with full support to transform your vision into execution. We cover the entire process, carefully planning and managing every step of the way, from analysis, development, and deployment to testing and post-deployment support and maintenance.

Customized Solutions Icon

Customized Solutions

Businesses differ, and so do their needs. At 700Apps, we work alongside your teams and identify your specific business objectives and challenges to develop a customized solution and digital business process. We shape our support to best fit your priorities, business structure, and industry demands.

Specialist Technology Expertise

Specialist Technology Expertise

As one of the leading digital transformation service providers in the region, 700Apps has unparalleled specialist expertise in Pega and Software AG platforms. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience implementing sophisticated technology-based solutions using these platforms.

Local and Global Experts Icon

Local and Global Experts

700Apps has a huge network of highly professional and skilled analysts, designers, developers, and engineers, based in the MENA region and India. For every project, a specialized project manager assigns the right development team for the job with the right expertise and specialization to ensure faster, more efficient operations.

Our Technology


Pega Platform

The Pega Business Process Management (BPM) platform offers impressive project management features and advanced application development. This advanced platform fits our agile development strategies perfectly and can help take your business to the next level.

Software AG logo

Software AG

No other software will help your business to become smarter and faster! Our team of software developers and engineers guide you in the implementation of Software AG into your business ecosystem where you can benefit from powerful BPM features such as enterprise architecture management and advanced application development.


Java Technology

Java is a commonly used web development language that allows for dynamic web page creation. With its multi-threading ability, one of the biggest perks is that Java can support multiple users. Our experts are experienced in front-end and back-end JavaScript programming.


Microsoft Technologies

At 700Apps, we leverage the accessibility and flexibility of the Microsoft Platform to build effective applications. It allows for easy data integrations and supports an optimal app-building environment. We leverage a wide variety of Microsoft technologies such as Power Platform, .NET, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft 365.

open source

Open Source Technologies

At 700Apps, we take advantage of the benefits of open source as a system that supports open communication and nurtures an agile development method. We use Open Source Technologies to boost the program’s performance, fix issues and errors, and add features.

Why Choose 700Apps As Your Pega Business Process Management BPM Partner

Why Choose 700Apps As Your Pega Business Process Management (BPM) Partner?

Technology isn’t enough. While Pega Business Process Management (BPM) solutions offer massive benefits for your business, without an expert on your side, how you turn these solutions to your advantage can be challenging to yield the much-needed innovation, efficiency, and agility. But this shouldn’t be your experience. 700Apps offers you relief from all this. We provide you with the right support, combining Pega business process management benefits with our expertise to transform your organization into an agile enterprise that’s able to thrive and prioritize its customers.
At 700Apps, we go the extra mile to put your business needs center stage. Our experts work alongside your team to build your own Pega BPM solutions that are customized and geared towards your business and customers. Not only that but we strictly follow the agile software development methodology, which means that we are flexible and can absorb any ad hoc alterations effortlessly, from strategy to deployment. This is how we sustain our mission in delivering mission-critical, adaptive solutions that meet your unique goals and standards.

Our Pega Business Process Management (BPM) Process

  • 1

    We will start by analyzing your processes and workflows, and identifying any processes that require optimization.

  • 2

    Next, we will design a BPM model that reduces errors in the processes and improves the agility of your workflows.

  • 3

    After that, we apply inputs into the models to predict possible errors and tweak the BPM model by removing these proactively.

  • 4

    Here, we will execute and deploy the model in real-time.

  • 5

    We design the models so that they continually track performance KPIs, errors, and compliances to identify possible issues.

  • 6

    Finally, we perform another analysis to eliminate errors, improve business outcomes, and boost performance.

Frequently Asked Question

Is business process automation BPA the same as robotic process automation RPA

What is Pega Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management (BPM) is a methodology that manages your workflows and processes. By analyzing existing processes and designing a BPM model that suits your business goals, BPM aims to increase performance, efficiency, and agility in the everyday operations of your business.

Why do I need Pega Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business Process Management (BPM) eliminates inefficient business processes and helps you:

  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements and keep your business stable and secure. 
  • Automate processes that do not require a human touch
  • Build apps fast and effectively 
  • Boost customer interactions by providing a solid UI that your clients can fully engage with

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