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700Apps embeds Pega into the DNA of your business to drive robust app development, intelligent automation, and end-to-end digitalization.
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Pega Low Code Platform:
Harness The Power of Highly Efficient Low-Code Development

Is the inflexibility of traditional hard coding a concern for you? We don’t blame you. But with low code development, gone are these days where you and your teams had to struggle with complex, one-size-fits-all code-based programming. 700Apps brings you powerful low-code solutions such as the cutting-edge Pega Low Code Platform to simplify software development and integration and scale your business transformation. With its visual tools, model-driven processes, and versatile capabilities, the Pega Low Code Platform is built for forward-looking businesses that strive to transform at speed, precision, and cost-efficiency. If you are one of them, you’ve come to the right place.Between visual development and modeling tools and drag-and-drop interfaces to out-of-the-box features, versatile accessibility, security, and more, low code development offers advanced features to build custom, high-performing, and feature-rich mobile and web applications to your needs.

700Apps Provides Agile Pega Low Code Platform Implementation

700Apps boasts over a decade of experience in Pega Platform development and implementation for government institutions and large enterprises as well as smaller startups across industries. 700Apps empowers you to leverage Pega's robust capabilities, including rapid enterprise app development, a powerful combination of RPA and BPM, a case management feature, a UI/UX library, and more. Using Pega, 700Apps helps your business processes and operations run seamlessly and foster your business and IT collaboration.
With the Pega Low Code Platform, you will benefit from many perks including:
    • Using Pega low code app builder to simplify and accelerate software and application development and integration

    • Improving and streamlining your front- and back-office operations

    • Standardizing your processes and optimizing your workflows from a central platform

    • Boosting your entire teams’ productivity and collaboration

    • Harnessing the power of Pega being the most comprehensive BPM suite which combines BPM (Business Process Management) and RBA (Robotic Process Automation)

    • Cutting costs and production time with smart Pega automation tools

    • Integrating DevOps capabilities

700Apps Provides Agile Pega Low Code Platform Implementation

Our Services

Low Code Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Software Development

We design, engineer, support, and maintain custom software that meets your unique business objectives. With every software we design, we put your business at the center and ensure that we design solutions that will suit your exact needs.

Business Process Management and Automation

Business Process Outsourcing

700Apps manages your technologically intensive business processes and manages its performance through reliable metrics. We help you reduce costs and improve the quality of your business operations and functions.

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Consulting Services

Is Pega the right platform for you? Our consultants and software developers offer their expert insights into how your business can best transition to Digital Transformation and stay with you every step of the way from analysis and strategy to improvements.

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Low Code Development

700Apps is recognized for its unparalleled low-code development capabilities. From software development to business process automation, and more, 700Apps empowers you to leverage the cutting-edge Pega Platform to achieve your business development and transformation faster and more efficiently than ever.

Low Code Enterprise Application Development

Complete Business Process Automation

With the efficient Pega Low Code Platform, we analyze your business and find the best platforms and software to automate your business processes, boost your employee productivity and operational performance, and increase revenues.

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700Apps has over a decade of experience, providing world-class digital transformation solutions and digital consulting services. Working with hundreds of clients and on thousands of projects over the years has helped us gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to innovate, support, and lead.

Global Quality Standards

Global Quality Standards

At 700Apps, our digital transformation services are designed to the highest standards of quality, performance, compliance, and security, across solutions, industries, and technologies. Thanks to the expertise of our people and robust QA and testing, we never compromise on our quality.

Full Cycle Services

Full Cycle Services

700Apps provides you with full support to transform your vision into execution. We cover the entire process, carefully planning and managing every step of the way, from analysis, development, and deployment to testing and post-deployment support and maintenance.

Customized Solutions Icon

Customized Solutions

Businesses differ, and so do their needs. At 700Apps, we work alongside your teams and identify your specific business objectives and challenges to develop a customized solution and digital business process. We shape our support to best fit your priorities, business structure, and industry demands.

Specialist Technology Expertise

Specialist Technology Expertise

As one of the leading digital transformation service providers in the region, 700Apps has unparalleled specialist expertise in Pega and Software AG platforms. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience implementing sophisticated technology-based solutions using these platforms.

Local and Global Experts Icon

Local and Global Experts

700Apps has a huge network of highly professional and skilled analysts, designers, developers, and engineers, based in the MENA region and India. For every project, a specialized project manager assigns the right development team for the job with the right expertise and specialization to ensure faster, more efficient operations.

Our Technology


Pega Platform

700Apps provides Pega business process management and app development services. Developed by Pegasystems, the Pega BPM tool is the most advanced in the industry. With our unique and deep expertise in the platform, we help you make the most of its flexibility and agility to accelerate your software development lifecycle and application management.

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Software AG

700Apps offers its expert assistance to empower your enterprise to upgrade its digital ecosystem with the powerful Software AG. Our expert developers, trained professionals, and consultants draw on their specialized experience, helping you leverage the high-end Software AG technology features to scale your business faster and smarter than ever before.

How 700Apps Makes the Most of Pega Low Code Platform for Your Business

Pega’s responsive drag-and-drop model and visual nature makes all complex coding a thing of the past. At 700Apps, Pega is easily and seamlessly integrated within your infrastructure, bringing you the perfect combination of automation, agility, and scalability for your developers, employees, and customers.
To get the most out of Pega, 700Apps analyzes your existing business processes and technologies. We then strategize to integrate Pega into business. But we don’t stop there. In line with our agile software development methods, we commit to continuous improvement and value a high level of collaboration. We continuously collect data and measure your systems’ performance so we can keep it aligned to your digital transformation efforts.
How 700Apps Makes the Most of Pega Low Code Platform for Your Business

Our Pega Low-Code Platform Process

  • 1

    We analyze your existing technologies and processes as well as your digital maturity, identifying opportunities and challenges.

  • 2

    We design a strategy and a roadmap according to your unique business operating model and goals.

  • 3

    We put your strategy into action using Pega Platform, making it blend in perfectly with your existing systems.

  • 4

    We measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation. And using the performance analysis, we offer our continual support to further improve your processes.

Frequently Asked Question

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What is a Pega Low Code Platform?

Page is a low code platform used to solve pressing business challenges such as workflow automation, streamlining processes, and personalizing engagement. Pega’s low code capabilities help small and large businesses and enterprises alike to quickly build applications that meet users’ demands, boost employee engagement and drive digital transformation.

How can a Pega Low Code Platform help my business?

Pega is ideal for businesses wanting user-friendly, responsive platforms to automate business processes, make their operations run more smoothly, and provide smooth experiences for their customers.

  • You will cut costs and optimize your business processes
  • You can boost team engagement and increase customer satisfaction
  • You’ll have one single dashboard where you can manage your teams
  • You can use Pega to quickly build apps and integrate them into your existing systems. 

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