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You probably realize that you need technology to revamp your business processes and drive your corporate performance and growth. While we wholeheartedly second that, for the abundant possibilities it offers your business, it can be challenging “how” to translate your business objectives into technology solutions and large-scale digital transformation. And that’s where we come in! 700Apps offers expert technology consulting services that combine your business realities and technology ambitions and advise you on the best course of action to deliver real business value and impact.

Technology Consulting Services Powered by 700Apps Experts

With a decade-long of experience in digital transformation, 700Apps has revamped various types of businesses from larger enterprises and government institutions to startups. Our secret? We develop customized foolproof technology strategies that integrate top-of-the-line technology within enterprises’ ecosystems, enabling them to harness technology better, faster, and more efficiently than ever, and with effective risk management and improved cost efficiency. For a decade, we have been capable of hitting that sweet spot consistently for our clients. And you can be next.
700Apps has teams of expert technology consultants with extensive knowledge of the tech world and digital transformation. Their knowledge is honed by years of practice and professional experience collaborating with businesses with various infrastructure maturity, IT challenges, and across specialized industries. More specifically, we help you implement next-gen technology and solutions that optimize your operations and build a robust infrastructure that supports optimal performance, interoperability, compliance, and security.
Technology Consulting Services Powered by 700Apps Experts

Our Technology Consultant Services

Software AG logo

Software AG Consulting

No other software will help your business to become smarter and faster! Our team of software developers, engineers, and consultants guide you in the implementation of Software AG into your business ecosystem where you can benefit from powerful BPM features such as enterprise architecture management and advanced application development.

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Pega Platform Consulting

The Pega Business Process Management (BPM) platform offers impressive project management features and advanced application development. We analyze your business model and ecosystem and smoothly embed Pega to innovate, automate, and scale your business

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Why 700Apps?



700Apps has over a decade of experience, providing world-class digital transformation solutions and digital consulting services. Working with hundreds of clients and on thousands of projects over the years has helped us gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to innovate, support, and lead.

Global Quality Standards

Global Quality Standards

At 700Apps, our digital transformation services are designed to the highest standards of quality, performance, compliance, and security, across solutions, industries, and technologies. Thanks to the expertise of our people and robust QA and testing, we never compromise on our quality.

Full Cycle Services

Full Cycle Services

700Apps provides you with full support to transform your vision into execution. We cover the entire process, carefully planning and managing every step of the way, from analysis, development, and deployment to testing and post-deployment support and maintenance.

Customized Solutions Icon

Customized Solutions

Businesses differ, and so do their needs. At 700Apps, we work alongside your teams and identify your specific business objectives and challenges to develop a customized solution and digital business process. We shape our support to best fit your priorities, business structure, and industry demands.

Specialist Technology Expertise

Specialist Technology Expertise

As one of the leading digital transformation service providers in the region, 700Apps has unparalleled specialist expertise in Pega and Software AG platforms. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience implementing sophisticated technology-based solutions using these platforms.

Local and Global Experts Icon

Local and Global Experts

700Apps has a huge network of highly professional and skilled analysts, designers, developers, and engineers, based in the MENA region and India. For every project, a specialized project manager assigns the right development team for the job with the right expertise and specialization to ensure faster, more efficient operations.

Our Technology


Pega Platform

700Apps provides Pega business process management and app development services. Developed by Pegasystems, the Pega BPM tool is the most advanced in the industry. With our unique and deep expertise in the platform, we help you make the most of its flexibility and agility to accelerate your software development lifecycle and application management.

Software AG logo

Software AG

700Apps offers its expert assistance to empower your enterprise to upgrade its digital ecosystem with the powerful Software AG. Our expert developers, trained professionals, and consultants draw on their specialized experience, helping you leverage the high-end Software AG technology features to scale your business faster and smarter than ever before.

What Makes 700Apps An Expert In Technology Consulting Services

700Apps’ consulting services stand out because of we rely on our business-savvy, technical-savvy team of technology consultants who act as your trusted advisors and strategic partners. They are highly skilled and experienced, having a portfolio of world-class, large-scale projects across different scopes and industries under their belt. They provide expert guidance and informed, data-driven advice using big data analysis. They follow a holistic approach to understand your business, ecosystem, and specific requirements. They analyze and assess your infrastructure and existing systems, and how and what technologies can deliver real impact and value to your business. But beyond consultation, they support you all the way to strategic planning through deployment and maintenance.

From software development and IT infrastructure planning to security consulting, risk assessments, and more, 700Apps offers comprehensive technology consulting services under one roof. Our cross-disciplinary teams are qualified and capable of drawing on their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the current technology landscape, business and industry tech trends, and digital trends to provide you with the right support that answers your technology challenges and software needs

What Makes 700Apps An Expert In Technology Consulting Services

Our Technology Consulting Process

  • 1

    We perform a holistic analysis of your existing technologies and processes as well as your digital maturity, identifying opportunities and challenges that may hold back your business transformation.

  • 2

    Our consultants turn your current situation and future aspirations into solid solutions, recommending the best course of action to move forward.

  • 3
    Strategic Planning

    We then develop a strategy and a roadmap according to your unique business operating model and goals. While conceptualizing a strategy, we identify stakeholders, accountabilities, and timelines to ensure optimal implementation.

  • 4

    We execute your business transformation strategy and integrate the right technologies and platforms that blend perfectly with your existing systems.

  • 5

    We continuously measure the performance of the strategy as well as the effectiveness of the technologies. Using the performance analysis, we offer continual support to improve and maintain your processes and align them perfectly with your business model.

  • 4
    Ongoing Consulting

    700Apps offers continuous consulting and support services to ensure that your ecosystem adapts to the evolving nature of your organization’s objectives.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is Digital Transformation Consulting

What are technology consulting services?

Technology Consulting Services focuses on providing end-to-end solutions that range from analysis to deployment and optimization of technologies that support business transformation. Businesses approach technology consulting companies to put them on the right track to make the right technology investment and accelerate their transformation.

Why should you use technology consulting and solutions?

To run a successful business these days, you need a solid tech strategy to streamline your workflow, save time and money, eliminate errors and risks, and nurture growth. Technology Consultation will offer you a deep analysis of your current business model and identify ways to make your business run more smoothly. More specifically, tech consulting will help you with IT infrastructure implementation, recovery planning, software development, and cybersecurity strategies.

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We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you make the most of your technology investments to drive competitive advantage.

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